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Service Details

Vodafone Anglia - Toate Modelele Cu Exceptia iPhone

Delivery Time :
1-3 Zile
Price :
RON 50.00
Details :
  • Pentru Samsung se obtine doar NCK deci nu comandati dacu nu sunteti sigur ca aveti nevoie doar de NCK deoarece returnarea creditelor nu este posibila
  • Refund available if code is not found
  • No refund for bad requests
  • Working on Business days only

Terms & Conditions Before making United Kindgom Network  Genric Model Order

1) This service is valid for Network specified in listing title

2) Before making order make sure your phone is 100% locked to list carrier u placed order wrong carrier no refunds 

3) Before making an order please make sure ur decision is final once order is placed no way to revert back no way to cancel as service work automatic over api to concerned

supplier No Refund No cancel Please dont ask! Expect No Response

4) Before making an order please understand that there could be delays in service for certian issues due to network issues . we wil try our best possible

way to adress your order on time incase delay need wait No cancellation allowed untill supplier approves cancel.


All our advertised prices are negotiable in the event you find a cheaper deal from one of our competitors with valid Proof,Orders In hand.

Pricing is updated based on Market compeition and currency variations.

Pricing is subject to change anytime without notice on rare occasion.

Verification & Refund Policy

There is only verification available for this service. Non Refund policy applied.

incase the generated unlock code do not work we can request supplier for verify is there is mistake in delivery due to any human intervention in copy/paste results.

if the verfied result again appear to be same there is no refund as its same code in database

There are many possible reason that generate unlock code do not work blocked counters,firmware hardlocked etc

Service only Generates NCK code incase phone might need deefreze code on brands like samsung u need to use samsung all level factory code service.

inorder to verify the generated non working unlock code

1 : record video proof youtube upload only

2: display phone imei,display phone counters(Blackberry,Sony,Nokia)etc

3 : customer sending code without touching any other keys then unlock code

4 : send email to support youtube link with IMEI+UNLOCKCODE+ORDERID

5 : We send supplier to verify try get new code and if he approves refund we shall refund credits back

on certain occasion supplier can delay verify process at this moment patience is required

Only if accept 100% the Above Terms and conditions feel free to make order.