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Service Details

Samsung Canada - Toate Nivelele Luni - Sambata

Delivery Time :
1-6 Ore
Price :
RON 130.00
Details :

Use this method to unlock ANY Samsung Canada same day during hours (1:00AM -11:30AM PST) Mon-Sat. Usually completed within 1-90 min but subject to delays. 

Supports all Wind, Videotron, Sasktel, MTS, Mobilicity, Rogers/Fido, Telus/Koodo, Bell/Virgin etc.


This includes all level of codes including: NCK, DEFREEZE, SUBSET, SUBPROVIDER


Refund Policy :


The supplier of Samsung Canada do not provide any kind of refund (Full or Even Partial) for Wrong code (Even with Video Proof). Also if you submit Wrong IMEI or even send a NON SAMSUNG IMEI you will receive Junk Code and will pay full price for it.


No Cancellation even if order is overdue.