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iPhone si iPad - Verificare GSX Next Tether Policy Instant

Delivery Time :
5-15 Minute
Price :
RON 2.00
Details :

Warning This Service only shows oldest status when phone released from factory

it does not show the phone current locks status. only use gsx service for present status and updates.

this only good for check carrier and model and serial number not for unlock status


Description: You can check iPhone, iPad SIM Lock status included Next Tether Policy (Carrier), model, original serial, replaced serial, color, size, storage, region, network, manufacture date, warranty and other specification by serial or imei number.
Type: Database
Brand: Apple
Network: Global
Cancelable: No
Refund on NA(code not work or not found): Yes

iPhone 5C - 16GB Green -UK/Europe/Middle East
Internal Name: iPhone5,4
Model Number: A1507
Order Number: ME502
Board ID: n49ap
FCC ID: BCG-E2694A, BCG-E2694B
Network: GSM
Activated: Yes
Manufacture Date: September, 2013
Production Week: 36
Phone Age: 1 Year(s), 5 Month(s), 12 Day(s)
Factory: F2 / China, Zhengzhou - Foxconn
Introduction Date: December 22, 2013
Discontinue Date: N/A
AppleCare Protection: No
Telephone Technical Support: Expired
Repairs & Service Coverage: Expired
Purchase Country: UNITED KINGDOM
Purchase Date: September 18, 2013
Carrier: Uk O2
Factory Simlock: Locked
Find My iPhone: OFF
Simlock: Lock